Work Cover Claims

If you or a loved one are injured at work, we can help you.

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WorkCover Claims

If you or a loved one are injured at work, we can help you. We will ensure you are fairly compensated as accidents often result in time off work and therefore will affect your financial capabilities, so let us help you with our No Win, No Fee, Stress Free Guarantee.

Queensland has 2 different schemes under which compensation can be obtained:

1. Statutory WorkCover Claims

2. Common Law WorkCover Claims

Statutory WorkCover Claims

If a person is injured at work where work was a significant contributing factor then they are entitled to lodge a statutory claim which entitles them to the cost of medical care, rehabilitation and to compensate for time lost from work. There is no need to show that the employer was negligent.

We can assist with all types of workers’ compensation claims, including:

If you were injured on a worksite, be it a construction site, in a mine, hospital or while working road maintenance or traffic control
If you sustained an injury in a factory, be it a strain injury, to the back or neck, shoulder or any other type of injury
If you were in an accident while travelling from home to work or from work to home or while travelling to meetings or another job site
If you were injured operating machinery
If you were injured in an office

A statutory claim will come to an end when you return to work or no longer need treatment or in the event you are unable to return to work, are assessed for a degree of permanent impairment and are offered lump sum compensation. You should not accept a lump sum offer because this may prevent you from seeking common law damages and therefore you should not accept this offer until you have sought legal advice from our principal.

If the accident caused the death of a worker, dependants will be able to bring a dependency claim for funeral expenses and loss of dependency.

There are time limits to bring a statutory claim and if not made within 6 months and if not lodged within 20 business days then the entitlement to benefits only commences 20 business days before the application was made so therefore its important the application for WorkCover benefits be made promptly to protect your rights.

Common Law WorkCover Claims

If a person who was injured at work due to the negligence of their employer then they are entitled to common law damages.

Common law WorkCover claims can arise from many circumstances including:

The employer failed to provide a safe system of work
The employer failed to maintain plant and equipment
The employer failed to properly train or instruct the worker
The actions of another employee

We offer a free* initial consult

Our principal is happy to undertake a free* initial consult of your case and assist you lodge the claim, and then gather all the necessary documents and information to put forward your case for compensation. Compensation includes:

Pain and suffering
Recovering past lost income and claiming an amount for future loss of income
Loss of superannuation benefits on lost income
Past and future medical expenses including rehabilitation expenses
Any pharmaceutical expenses
In the event you have had paid assistance, future assistance required

* if you choose to retain Arends Legal Solutions to act on your behalf the initial consult will form part of our professional costs at the conclusion of the claim.

If you have been injured as a result of a workplace accident, you are entitled to be fairly compensated. As these injuries often result in time off work, and therefore affect your financial capabilities, let us help you with our No Win, No Fee, Stress Free Guarantee.

There are time limits, so you need to act fast

There are strict time limits to bring a claim and therefore you should contact us immediately so we can give you advice of the relevant time limits and assist with lodging a Notice of Claim form on the relevant workers compensation insurer.

We can help you with the finer details

Paperwork can often be tiresome and tricky. Let us help you get your claim paperwork lodged thereby taking the stress off you and so your rights are protected. This will give you some financial security while you are off work or needing treatment.

Choose an experienced lawyer who cares about your situation.