Family Law

We can assist with a range of family law issues including property settlement and children’s matters.

We will be in touch within 24 business hours

Family Law Services

Separating from a partner and therefore no longer seeing your children as often as one wants or is used to, is emotional at the best of times and therefore the burden of having to engage a lawyer and paying extraordinary hourly rates only adds emotion to a situation that already has more than enough.

Affordable Rates

A lawyer with the experience of a big firm but at the cost of a small one. Our hourly rates are low but our knowledge is not. 

We Come To You

Our Principal will meet you and discuss your case and give you all the advice, and reassurance you need.

We Take Care of Your Documents

Take the stress out of the documentation needed for your case by preparing it all for you.

Senior Lawyer on Your Case

Our Principal will be the one running your case, guiding you through each step along the way. Unlike other firms, there won’t be multiple people handling your case (which can result in lost communication and extra legal costs).

We'll Stand Up For You

We are not afraid to take your matter to court.

We Keep Things Simple

We understand that clients want things explained in plain English and we will ensure that when explaining things we are clear and the advice easy to understand.

We will be in touch within 24 business hours

We will be in touch within 24 business hours

How we can help

You will find our hourly rates for family law will be up to 40% less than most family law practitioners thereby meaning that your matrimonial assets are not just being divided up between lawyers.

Choose an experienced lawyer who cares about your situation.