TPD & Income Protection Claims

If you’ve been injured and are not eligible for workers’ compensation benefits, TPD and income protection may provide some financial relief.

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A lot of people do not know they pay for insurance as part of their superannuation. To determine if you have insurance for TPD (Total and Permanent Disability) or Income Protection the details can be seen from your yearly super statement. Some people only have TPD coverage so it is important to check your statement.

TPD covers a range of accidents, injuries and illnesses, and does not have to be a direct result of something that happened at work or on the road. If you have experienced a car accident, a workplace accident, a public place accident or a medical condition such as cancer, heart attack or mental illness, you may be eligible to claim through TPD Insurance and Income Protection.

TPD and income protection claims depend on the policy the insurer offers and the conditions of eligibility depend on the policy terms and conditions. No one policy is the same and the amount of insurance available varies.

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The Claims Process

The claims process may seem simple but there can be a lot of loopholes that enable insurers to refuse claims, so it is vital you get expert legal advice before submitting an application.

You should also discuss how any other claim you may have could interact with the TPD/Income Protection claim.

If you've been injured, TPD and income protection may provide some financial relief.